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Square-Enix says "No!" to FFXI sequel rumors

Nick Doerr

Seems a lot of people hopped on the rumor-wagon this past week. Regrettably, Squeenix debunked this rumor today by denying any FFXI sequel altogether. They say the gameplay footage of their next-gen MMO is a completely independant project, original in title and story. Some may say "great! FFXI was terrible! Now then, back to WoW..." while others may say "Aw, poo, no Vana'Diel on my PS3..."

What kind of newfangled MMO could Squeenix be working on, then? It's hard to think about what a new, original project could be like, since the MMO world has pretty much two options: fantasy world or post-apocalyptic world. Would they go to the latter? More like a Final Fantasy 8 world, but online? It's more futuristic at least. Or it may be unrelated to the Final Fantasy franchise altogether. Anybody have thoughts on what Square could possibly toss at us?

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