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The CAVS IPS-11G turns your iPod into a karaoke machine

Stan Horaczek

When someone walks into your house and sees a full-fledged karaoke machine -- or worse, the karaoke muzzle -- he or she will be immediately bombarded by mental images of you doing your best Steve Perry impression. Now you can mask your potentially embarrassing obsession though, by choosing the CAVS IPS-11G iPod Karaoke dock. It looks just like your average third-party iPod cradle, but hiding behind its unassuming shell is support for MPEGs, AVIs, MP3s and slideshows, which when coupled with the two built-in microphone jacks and an A/V cable, can make for hours of ear-offending fun. The dock can accept just about any version of the iPod, which is used purely for storage, as well as USB drives and external HDDs, giving you access to all your media (Journey songs included) through menus on your TV screen. Just think, one day you could be making millions selling your karaoke tracks as ringtones. Or not.

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