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EA's Jeff Brown agrees with Sony -- not arrogant

Nick Doerr

Recently, had the honor of interviewing EA's Jeff Brown, VP of corporate communications. A lot of the interview is the generic blah blah blah about the upcoming console wars, EA's game lineup, whatever. The meat of this article is when GamesIndustry starts asking about Mr. Brown's take on the PS3. About the price point, Jeff assured us "we know this as fact: Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Corporation are very, very, very good at marketing consumer electronics. These guys aren't dumb." Well... okay, Jeff. They can't be too dumb since they've been the market leader for a little over a decade. Just answer the question -- "Is it a little high? Perhaps it is, but I would never underestimate their ability to market consumer electronics." Thanks.

The next question was about Sony's arrogance in telling consumers they are getting a lot of hardware for their money, to the point of the PS3 being cheap. So, Jeff, will that arrogance damage the Sony brand? Is that fair criticism? "I don't think it's fair. And at the risk of sounding arrogant myself, I don't think it's relevant." He goes on to explain the troubles most, if not all, systems have at launch. Shortages, glitches, whatever. Bouncing back is what matters and that will take a year to accurately judge.

There you have it -- Jeff Brown says saying Sony is arrogant isn't fair and the criticism isn't relevant. We really do have to wait for the truth, because all of this he said, she said is just that -- speculation. No one knows better than the next person, but it is clear that out of all the hurdles systems have had to overcome around launch, Sony is dealing with a lot. A lot.

[creds to "Fan" for this tidbit!]

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