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Live Arcade Wednesday: Cloning Clyde

By now everyone should be getting around to firing up the old Xbox 360 and seeing what Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays has in store for them this week. In the sophomore outing of the recently revealed program, we have an original IP available. No retro-classic here, folks. NinjaBee's Cloning Clyde is described as a side scroller with crude humor ... nice.

Richard at the über-obsessive Xbox 360 Fanboy marked the occasion by pestering NinjaBee's John Nielson with a stack of sharp questions; he even mentioned Psychonauts (which, of course, is a condition of his employment here). They talk about platformers, Live Arcade, downloadable games, and more. If you're teetering on the fence about this one, download the demo, absorb the interview, and plunk down the 800 MS bucks ($10) to let Microsoft (and NinjaBee) know you like what they're doing. If you don't like it, spend that $10 on a used copy of Psychonauts.

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