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Panasonic's 103-incher gets model, price

Ryan Block, @ryan

You might have known it before by its nicknames: Goliath, Brobdingnag, the Colossus, etc. But now you've got a model number and price tag for Panasonic's 103-inch behemoth; call it the TH-103PZ600, and expect it out September first for a princely ¥6,000,000. Yes, that's over $51,000 US (which is what all plasmas used to cost but a few years ago, if you recall). Oh, and not that you'd care but Panny's also launching their 65-inch TH-65PZ600, 58-inch TH-58PZ600, and 50-inch TH-50PZ600 sets on the same date for significantly less (they top out at about $8,500 US). But really once you've seen the gaze of a 103-inch television, there's no way you can go back. Which is precisely why if you don't have the means, like us, you should never lay eyes on one; and if you do have the means, well, don't be bummed out when during CES 2007 Panny, LG, and Samsung all announce their own 104-inch set.

Update: Ouch! We've just received official word on pricing and availability for the US version of this behemoth, and neither will make potential customers very happy: not only will American home theater buffs have to wait until December to pick one of these models up, they'll have to shell out an eye-popping $70,000 to do so.

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