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How important are first-party games to Wii?

Blake Snow

Yahoo! News has an interesting, albeit slightly obvious, piece analyzing the importantance of first-party franchises to Wii's success. From the article: "Nintendo doesn't want a repeat of the GameCube performance, a scenario in which it couldn't really get a 'cool factor' going against the PlayStation and Xbox... and the Wii will go only so far with Mario. Nevertheless, Mario -- along with Link and the Zelda franchise -- are important assets for Nintendo, and they both will serve the company well."

What do you attribute to Nintendo's DS success? Is it because of great first-party games, intuitive interfacing, strong support from third-parties, growth of the non-gamer market, or all of the above? Answer that with the right mix, and you just might help Nintendo better prepare its "home console elixir" this go around, execution aside of course.

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