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Magnify what you're working on with iPiece

David Chartier

For those times when the 6pt type in EULA's just doesn't quite cut it and you literally consider the possibility that your lost car keys could be lying around somewhere on your Desktop, there is iPiece - a magnifying glass for Mac OS X. Double-clicking its icon in the menubar (is that in the HIG's?) opens a magnifying window next to your mouse (fortunately: not right on top of it) and follows it like a hyperactive kitten. Its product page lists uses ranging from adding some legibility to small lists of text on websites to having an extra magnifying trick up your sleeve when editing images. Some of you may prefer Mac OS X's built-in magnifying features, accessible from the Universal Access pane in System Preferences (especially since this feature has keyboard shortcuts; hint-hint, iPiece), so we'll let you decide whether iPiece earns a spot in that menubar.

iPiece is a Universal Binary, costs $10 for a license and is available from Old Jewel Software.

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