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Pages on why Playstation Portable is not dead


You may remember chubigans as the compiler of the great Flash Arcade collection. After reading more on the death of PSP, he couldn't take the incredible fanboy flaming that took ablaze on the internet. chubigan's latest blog entry will most likely only fan the fires, but in support of our handheld darling. He makes note of how the PSP has been selling neck-and-neck with the DS (before the introduction of the DS Lite) and how the media capabilities of the PSP make it quite a value-added system. In fact, he uses his Excel skillz to demonstrate the similarities between a PSP and a 360.

The dearth of console ports, the lack of a singular title that every PSP owner must buy (except maybe Grand Theft Auto?), and journalistic pessimism fueled by Sony's arrogance, are all helping to shape PSP's currently negative image. But "to declare the PSP dead, when sales, developers and sometimes even the website's own review scores declare otherwise...well, it's f-in ridiculous."

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