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Project Gizmo makes calls free, sorta

Scott McNulty

Project Gizmo, the free cross platform VoIP client, has announced that you can now make free calls from Gizmo to landlines and mobile phones in 60 countries (with some limitations, of course). I have long enjoyed Project Gizmo, so this is welcome news, however, free in this case isn't as free as one might think.

You can only call landlines and mobile phones of people who have a Project Gizmo account and are 'active users,' so there goes my free calls to my mother ('sorry, Mom, I would have called but Gizmo wouldn't let me!'). This is a ploy to get more people registered for Project Gizmo, and I say more power to them but it strikes me as kind of lame. What think you, oh dear TUAW readers?

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