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Samsung's SC-X205L and SC-X210WL sports cameras cut the cord

Ryan Block, @ryan

It was only a matter of time before Samsung's SC-X205L and SC-X210L helmet-mounted sports cams went all wireless on us, and if you've been tapping your foot at cutting the cable your wait is up with their new SC-X205WL and SC-X210WL. These devices are essentially the same as their wired counterparts: 512MB internal memory on the X205WL and and 1GB on the X210WL, both featuring the same 2.0-inch display, 680k pixel (720 x 480) CCD, 10x optical zoom, and image stabilization (on the full unit, anyway), as well as the obligatory SD slot for recording that MPEG-4 video. Expect 'em in September for $580 and $680, which is a steep price to pay for those whose finances are probably tied up mending broken bones.

[Via Sci Fi Tech]

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