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Ad critic: Wii-nimilast print ad

For this installation of ad critic, we're looking at what may be the first print ad for Nintendo's Wii console ripped from the pages of German gaming-mag GAMES AKTUELL and a Canadian film festival program (and coming to us via Go Nintendo). While there is some debate regarding the authenticity of the ad (see Go Nintendo for more), the merits of such an ad are still debatable.

If Nintendo has chosen to not only pursue the Apple strategy of pretty white designs but also pretty white ads with a notable dearth of information, will a mainstream gaming audience respond? Try explaining the Wii-mote to your mom ... now try doing that with this image. Does the declaration that "playing=believing" communicate anything of value to a curious consumer? Considering the uniqueness of the Wii and its controllers, would Nintendo be better served with something more informational?

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[Thanks, PhoenixGeek; via GoNintendo]

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