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First half of 2006 owned by the DS

Jason Wishnov

Seeing as how Japan keeps extremely accurate hardware and software sales numbers on a weekly and monthly basis, it comes as no surprise when famed Japanese gaming rag Famitsu releases composite data for the first half of 2006. The question here is not "Did the DS Lite own faces?" but rather, "Exactly how MUCH face did the DS Lite own?" (This was a weak attempt at justifying the picture you see to your be honest, I just thought it was hilarious, and decided to post it.)

Let's take a look. From December 26, 2005, to June 25, 2006, the DS and DS Lite have captured a whopping 63% of the hardware market (around 4 million units). That's not the portable market, that's the whole flippin' thing, folks. Second place belongs to the PSP at 16.1% of the total market, followed by the PS2 at 13.5%. GBA/GBASP/GBAMicro follow at 5%, and the Xbox 360 trails with a rather silly-sounding 1%.

In terms of software, the DS managed to claim seven of the top ten best-selling games in the period. The sequel to Brain Age took first place with over 2.5 million copies sold, followed by Final Fantasy XII for the PS2, and then New Super Mario Bros. in third.

That's a lot of face.

[Thanks, Probot!]

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