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New Bravia advertising underway

Erik Hanson

Sony is planning a followup to their Bravia superballs ad, made famous for its slow-motion visuals of over 250,000 bouncing balls rumbling down a San Francisco street. It also happened to be a great viral high-definition promo for their line of LCD televisions, and they're going to be hard-pressed (no pun intended) to do an encore. Read about the (literally) explosive ad and where you can find out more inside.

The new ad involves paint, and apparently lots of it, as they have a new behind-the-scenes blog up. One of the posts includes a photo of a nondescript building in Scotland that will be featured in the new commercial. From the looks of things, and based on the previous work, it will involve massive amounts of colored paint, and a whole lot of special fireworks that will be used to presumably splatter the paint all over the building, all the while accompanied by some contemplative music.

Sony picked Jonathan Glazer to helm the project. He is known for his music videos, having directed them for Jamiroquai, Massive Attack, and Radiohead, as well as commercials for Guinness and others, and the feature films Birth with Nicole Kidman, and Sexy Beast with Ben Kingsley.

Drab building in Scotland for Sony's new commercial. At

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