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The Game Rag watches 21 hours of G4TV, so you don't have to

Ross Miller

Michael Piercey of The Game Rag is a brave soul -- that, or a very lazy soul who ran out of feature ideas. That is why, in early July, he spent 21 hours in a row watching G4TV. As Piercey explains, the other three hours are spent on infomercials and he "refused to watch any of that" (take that as a compliment, G4TV).

So Piercey did the dirty deed, lived to tell about it, and in the next week will write about how he feels G4TV misses the mark, errs in so many ways, and answers the age-old question: who plays more reruns, G4TV or Nick at Nite?

According to Nathan Smart, Piercey's boss, "I was trying to get rid of him and I didn't want to fire him so I assigned him this piece hoping that he would quit. I was wrong."

This feature is also a chance for The Onion-esque Game Rag to make poignant satire with well-researched information, akin to The Daily Show. We love what the site does, especially the recent comparison of race relations to Black & White, and we suggest keep an eye out next week as he discusses the channel, hour by hour.

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