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Wii gets some negative press

Blake Snow

Hey look, some negative Wii press! UK-based Arena Magazine has put together some legitimate concerns regarding Wii's logistical weaknesses as a console, or at least what we've known a console to be up until now:

  • "After a hard day of work/surfing the internet, a relaxing blast on a shoot 'em up or a decent sports sim can be cathartic... with the Wii, vegging out is no longer an option."
  • "Motion-sensing games don't work on small TVs – you need the on-screen gaming area to be as large as possible to properly read your body's graceful movements."
  • "Many living rooms hardly have the space for a regular console, let alone one where up to four people might have to stand and wildly swing their arms about."
I guess I need to upgrade that nine inch tv of mine.

[via Wii Fanboy]

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