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Kata's Ergo-Tech lineup delivers "bag of the future"

Evan Blass

We always assumed that the "bag of the future" would come with a little robot that carried it around for you, but new additions to the popular Kata lineup of cases prove that we'll still be toting around our own gear for quite some time. What make the 17 new members of the Ergo-Tech series so futuristic, then, are a number of innovative materials such as "Elasto-Guard," "yelloop," and "Flexi-Shield" (all trademarked, so they must be special) that promise to deliver unrivaled comfort to the wearer and protection for his/her equipment. The wearable products in this collection are all form-fitting bags that flex and stretch for the geek on-the-go, while the carrying cases feature configurable interiors for surrounding your most delicate hardware with extra layers of padding. Like most of the totable solutions offered by Kata, these Ergo-Tech models are targeted mainly at photographers and filmmakers, but their numerous compartments and value-added features should help them appeal to a much wider audience -- isn't the future great? Keep reading to see a few more of the products that Kata has managed to bring back in time for its grateful customers...

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