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All aboard the rumor train: Sensors, Wiimotes, and headsets


No better way to start off a Monday than with a nice, piping hot cup of rumor, wouldn't you say?

Today's is a whopper, actually, in that some pretty interesting comments are made in regards to the Wiimote functionality we supposedly have yet to see, as well as comments that the sensor bar isn't even needed and is there to incorporate some other as-of-yet unannounced form of gameplay. Check your pockets, make sure you've got your grain of salt with you...

In an effort to keep you from having to do the work of clicking links, we've included the most note-worthy bits of the rumors into nice, easy-to-read, bulleted format.

  • "Nintendo should show that the movement in 3D space will allow experiences outside of just the TV screen. And its not 3D projection related."
  • "The official launch date has yet to be set in stone but will indeed launch before Sony's PS3"
  • "The first game that will be shown to the public that demonstrates the full scope of Wii controller potential will be Dragonball Z Budokai 4"
  • "The Wii controller can function exactly as we all have seen demonstrated WITHOUT the sensor bar. So ask yourselves, why need a sensor bar?"
  • "Sensor bar was in all actuality in no use at E3 2006"
  • "There is also word that Nintendo in private sessions has big plans for the Wii headset. The headset would be somewhat sensitive to movement that could be translated into the game. Such as if you get up and move to the right of your television something might correspond for that in the game. Such as dodging things, looking around corners etc."
  • "Developer Nibris has received Wii development kits and has partnered with publisher Majesco"
That's an awful lot of rumor to choke down. So how do you feel about all of this, fine reader? Some truth buried in there?

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