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Sanyo's DMP-M400SD "bring your own storage" DAP

Evan Blass

Sanyo's got a new digital audio player poised to drop on the Japanese market, though it'll mainly be of interest to folks with a couple of extra SD cards laying around, as the DMP-M400SD contains neither a hard drive nor any flash memory. What you are getting with this latest member of the Diply Music line is a pendant-style device sporting a backlit screen that supports MP3 files as well as WMA tracks with or without DRM. Clearly stressing size over features, the M400SD is pretty lean when it comes to extras; in fact, besides acting as a USB mass storage device, there's really nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd -- especially the rather ho-hum 12-hour battery life. If this still sounds like an attractive option to you, then $60 is all it will take to pick one of these up when they're released on the first of next month.

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