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Toshiba's survey: HD DVD will win - Blu-ray Association survey: Blu-ray will win

Matt Burns

Does anyone really believe surveys anymore? Cell phone companies use them all the time to 'prove' that they have the best coverage/sound quality/less dropped calls/customer service. The issue that many people have is that these surveys were commissioned by a certain company and somehow those results always work nicely for that company. (or it could be we never see the ones that don't turn out) The two surveys done by Toshiba and Blu-ray Association prove the point even more. Both surveys came out favoring who paid for the survey but PC Mag got down and dirty with the stats to find out why. Each survey left out certain details. The HD DVD one failed to mention the high capacity of Blu-ray discs and the Blu-ray one didn't mention that HD DVD currently has 124 titles available via, instead of Blu-ray's 74. It's funny how that works.

Here it is then. We are not getting paid by ether of them and don't care what you say.

HD DVD or Blu-ray?

NOTE: please just comment with the format name...not with any explanation. We don't want to taint the results. Thanks!

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