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Best looking HDTV out there - not picture, but rather the bezel

Matt Burns

We have a question for all of you. When you are shopping for a HDTV, how much does the overall aesthetics of the set matter to you. We aren't talking about the picture here but rather the bezel. (the plastic casing around the screen) Seriously, is this a big thing for you or do you just care about the image quality. That's fine if you do, but why? This thing is going sharing the same living room as you so the looks must matter some.

So this brings us to our main question. What HDTV looks the best - when it is turned off that is? Personally, I like Panasonic's new rear-projection LCD/DLPs. I think they look nice and clean but still like a TV. So what HDTV have you seen lately, or of the past, that just looks great?

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