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G4TV's blog strikes back at the Game Rag [update 1]

Ross Miller

We were so disappointed to find out we would have to wait a week to read another installment of the Game Rag's Michael Piercey's 21-hour experience with G4TV. Luckily, Game Rag guru Nathan Smart tipped us off to G4TV's response to the proposed experiment that has now been removed (see explanation below).

The post, found on G4TV's blog The Feed, is an attempt at making a parody out of the Game Rag's introductory post. Author Mike D'Alonzo's accusations are a bit whiny, if downright untrue. Let us see how G4TV responds to criticism:
  • "I couldn't force myself to spend 12 minutes reading The Game Rag, as it had literally NOTHING to do with gaming." We're not sure where the author was looking at, since the web site's articles are parodies on current gaming events, coverage of gaming events, interviews with industry people, or features criticizing supposedly game-centric channels for being out of touch with their target audience.
  • D'Alonzo predicts that one of Piercey's complaint will be "somehow the depth and breadth of our gaming information is somehow less than what they can spend their entire day ferreting out on the internets." Well, isn't that a valid complaint? Shouldn't a channel originally intended to cater to gamers offer in-depth information, so that people will watch their shows as opposed to "ferreting out on the internets" for a great news source?
  • D'Alonzo claims Piercey "will clearly stop at nothing to separate himself from" nerds as a collective group. We would love to find an example of where Piercey, who agrees to watch 21 hours of G4TV for lack of anything better to do, tries to distance himself from the title "nerd," but we cannot find one in the piece. D'Alonzo could not either, so he made up a quote.
The rest of the blog post attacks Piercey's abilities to write, and mocks the multi-part feature for not being completely available on the first day. D'Alonzo, who is speaking as a representative of G4TV, reveals himself to be smarmy, out-of-touch, and inflammatory. The post comes off as pathetic, and only seems to validate The Game Rag's experiment more. Please, D'Alonzo, save the satire for someone who can pull it off ... like The Game Rag.

[update 1: Robert Juster, executive producer of G4 Interactive, offers this explanation as to the disappearing post:

The post itself was actually pulled right after it was posted -- but due to a technical glitch still stayed live on the site (which unfortunately went unnoticed).

One of our bloggers took the Game Rag piece a bit personally and took it upon himself to respond - which we felt was inappropriate (responding in general, not necessarily his response itself). ]

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