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Mighty Mouse becomes bluetooth and laser based


Just as everyone expected, Apple has released a Bluetooth version of the Mighty Mouse, bringing wireless capabilities to the peripheral for the first time. Like the recent FCC filing leak suggested, the device is powered by AA batteries, but according to the tech specs on Apple's site the new wireless mouse can be powered by just one battery, although there is room for a second. Another tidbit about the new mouse is that the tracking is based around a laser, not the optical method used by the wired version. That should mean greater accuracy. Everything else about the wireless Mighty Mouse seems to be identical (are the side "buttons" an off-white color in the regular Mighty Mouse?) to the wired version.

The new wireless laser Mighty Mouse comes in at $69.99, so it's up to you whether you think the wireless and laser capabilities are worth the $20 premium over the regular wired version.

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