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Apple, ATI, and the future of Mac gaming

Alan Rose

In the aftermath of AMD's acquisition of ATI, ZDnet blogger Jason O'Grady ponders Apple's next move with regards to graphics chips. While this isn't an issue for the MacBook and Mini product lines (both use the dreaded integrated graphics solution), the iMacs and MacBook Pros currently use the ATI Radeon X1600, while the Power Mac G5s ship with an Nvidia GeForce 6600.

Should Intel sever its ties with ATI, where would this leave the Intel Macs, including the forthcoming Mac Pros (rumored to be switching back to ATI)? Over the past year, it seems Mac gamers have been in an endless state of confusion with the CPU transition, Rosetta and Universal binary technologies, the introduction of Boot Camp, and now a potential GPU change.

What are your thoughts on the future of Mac gaming? Should Apple continue offering solutions from both graphics providers, and are Jobs and Co. doing enough to promote the Mac as a gaming platform?

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