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Metareview - Tekken: Dark Resurrection


Your PSP is in need of a resurrection, ain't it? Was that too harsh? 'Kay, maybe just a lil' resuscitation. Uh-huh, admit it, unless you're a raving fanboy, the past four months, in terms of licensed game content, have not been kind to your Sony portable.

Naysayers may write off Tekken: Dark Resurrection as another example of a popular PS2 franchise making the jump to PSP -- or worse, declare it 'just a Tekken 5 port.' Forget that. TDR is an enormous accomplishment in the portable fighting genre and more importantly, it's got your PSP's heart beating again.

  • GameSpy (90/100) points out the game's most apparent flaw .... "it's that there are online features, but they don't include versus play over the internet."
  • Games Radar (90/100) concludes that it's "oceanic depth" that makes this "the single best portable fighting game ever."
  • 1UP (80/100) finds that despite a cheap end boss and d-pad issues, "Tekken: Dark Resurrection is one of the easiest games to recommend for the PSP."

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