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PRESS RELEASE: TUAW writer bucks trend, sticks with Mac OS X


Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for Mac site, has decided to continue using his Macintosh computer, countering the recent trend for high profile Ubuntu switches


Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom (July 26th, 2006)
- Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for the popular Macintosh blog, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, has announced a bold plan to continue using Mac OS X for the foreseeable future. According to Conrad, this move is partly in reaction to the recent trend for relatively high profile figures across the web to announce their plan to switch away from the Mac OS operating system to Linux-based operating systems, in particular Ubuntu.

On the subject of Ubuntu switchers Cory Doctorow, Mark Pilgrim and now Bryan O'Bryan, the owner of Mac modding and hacking site ResExcellence, Conrad said, "I just don't care." He also poses the question, "Since when did a person's computing platform of choice become a matter that must be announced to the public?"

As an example of his extraordinary resilience, Conrad says that he will continue to use the Mac until either his needs exceed the Mac operating system's capabilities, or he gets a life and decides that he didn't need a computer anyway. Conrad also states that he agrees with John Gruber's point of view regarding the Ubuntu switching trend. "I defend the right of others to switch to other operating systems, and even to point out the shortcomings of the OS they are switching away from, but please, can we stop the whole 'NEWSFLASH: random dude switches away from the Mac!' nonsense?"

About Conrad Quilty-Harper

Born in 1987, Conrad Quilty-Harper is a writer for the AOL-owned company, Weblogs Inc. Over the last year, he has blogged for the company's Joystiq, TUAW and Live8Insider properties. Conrad admits to having ginger hair and owning a Macintosh computer. Conrad also supports clause 42 of The Human Rights Act Amendment Order of 2006, which protects the individual's right to switch operating systems.

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