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Voigtlaender Virtus D8 digital camera

Darren Murph

If you're wondering who the heck Voigtlaender is, rest assured you aren't missing out on much. The German-based company's Virtus D8 digicam is about as forgettable as they come, sporting no standout features and a long list of mediocre specs. The only thing mildy impressive about the 8.1 megapixel camera is its compact size -- and of course its outlandish name. Essentially like every other average compact, you'll get a 2.5-inch display screen, 3x optical zoom, meager ISO settings, a 640 x 480 video mode, and an SD slot that only accepts cards up to 1GB. More realistically, we presume this is just another digicam with too many megapixels for its own good, and priced at around $430, we don't envision many enthusiasts rushing out to grab such an underwhelming offering.

[Via über gizmo]

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