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Check out HD DVD without buying a thing

Erik Hanson

So you've been listening to us on the podcasts talking about how awesome HD DVD looks, and how advanced the menuing system is, with its overlaid chapter thumbnails and its picture-in-picture director's commentary. And you're thinking, "I could get in on that action, where can I see what it's like without throwing $500 or more towards some salesman?" Well do we have a tip for you! No, it has nothing to do with piracy, and no, it's not exactly the same thing as seeing the full HD picture on a sweet 1080p set. But Warner has a redesign of the HD DVD section of their website up, with a little Flash trailer that at least can show you some examples of the menuing systems in action.

The samples are mixed in with the obligatory screenshots and clips of Warner movies like Constantine and The Matrix (honestly, who doesn't want to see this in HD, no matter what format?). The examples I spotted include Million Dollar Baby, Batman Begins, and The Dukes of Hazzard and feature some neat examples of many of the new features in HD DVD. So if you're like me, and you haven't yet picked up a next-gen player (the shame!), head over and see what you'll be watching in the future...or maybe not, depending on who wins this format war.

[Thanks, WiFiSpy]

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