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Consumer Report's First Look: Sony HDR-HC3 & Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1

Matt Burns

So you want to record your home videos in high-def. Cool. There aren't many options out there for the normal consumer and Consumer Reports has the top two on their bench. The first is Sanyo's Xacti VPC-HD1. This pocket cam was introduced way back at CES '06 and made waves during the first part of the year. Those waves crashed into a sandbar though as soon as people saw the picture quality from the $750 camcorder. It is a high-def resolution but just not high-def quality. Consumer Reports agrees with the first review conducted by Akihabara News.The second is Sony's HDR-HC3 that records high-def video onto cheap and versatile mini-DV tapes. They liked the picture quality from this guy but it also is twice the price of the Sanyo at $1,500. Because of that hefty price tag, they just can't recommend it yet.

Are you ready to make the jump to high-def home movies yet?

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