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Firmware 2.80 now available via Network Update [update 1]

Chris Powell

Sony has released its new PSP firmware 2.80 update today. You can download it using the Network Update feature in your PSP.

When updating, the firmware reads it contains the following features:

  • You can now download video and image content under [RSS Channel];
  • You can now register devices via a wireless LAN access point under [LocationFree Player];
  • You can now play AAC files with file extension .3gp under [Music]; and
  • You can now play content saved in "Music," "Picture" and "Video" folders on a Memory Stick. (Apparently, this means you don't have to rename video files, and you can play them without using special folders.)
Sony recently announced its plans for the new upgrade at Comic-Con. It will be interesting to see in the coming days whether Sony has addressed any of the recent breakthroughs in the homebrew scene.

[update 1: Fixed a misspelled word and hopefully clarified the post a bit.]

[Thanks Chris]

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