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LG intros two DVR-equipped 1,080p LCD TVs

Evan Blass

When it comes to improving their HDTV lineups, manufacturers generally go one of two routes: either they try to push out the biggest set possible, or they decide to pack more pixels into their smaller models. LG has chosen the latter path with its new 37-inch 37LB2DR and 42-inch 42LB2DR LCDs, which not only boast full 1,080p resolutions, but manage to sport a built-in 250GB DVR as well. Both models -- which will initially be released in Korea before gradually spreading out to the rest of the world sometime this quarter -- also rock some pretty impressive specs, as evidenced by their 6000:1 contrast ratios and 6-millisecond response times. Pricing on these sets is still somewhat of a mystery, but using LG's own formula of 1,080p models costing only 10% more than their 720p counterparts, we imagine that they'll go for between $4,000 and $5,000 -- still a pretty big window, but that's the best we can do for you right now.

[Via HDBeat]

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