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TV Squad: The five best sports to watch on TV - do these hold true when HD is concered?

Matt Burns

We know many of you are sports fanatics and perhaps thats why you purchased a high-def TV to start with. TVSquad has a list of the top five sports to watch on TV.

  1. Baseball
  2. Tennis
  3. Poker
  4. Football
  5. Hockey
Now are these the best sports to watch on TV when high-def is considered? Baseball looks great with the higher-resolution but it's still the same 'ol thing. Tennis looks awesome and it definitely does your HDTV justice. Poker was just broadcast for the first time back on July 2 via INHD and it was definitely great to watch. High-def and football goes together like sour cream and onion. Tasty combination; the same goes for hockey. The reflection off the ice combined with the quick movements makes any HDTV shine.

But do you agree with the sports that are on this list and especially in that order? What would your top five list look like when high-def is involved?

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