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Wii Trauma Center a remake, not a sequel


In a somewhat disappointing revelation, Famitsu reports that Atlus' announced medical drama sim Trauma Center: Second Opinion (for Wii) will be a remake of Trauma Center: Under the Knife, which was released for DS in October 2005. Indeed, this pseudo-sequel will be a 'second opinion' of the various traumas that we confronted in Under the Knife.

Second Opinion will feature enhanced visuals (when compared to Under the Knife), as well as voice acting -- and hopefully tighter controls. Additional surgeries will also be spliced in, including heart transplants and broken bone procedures. And this time around, Atlus will offer three difficulty settings, an obvious response to complaints about Under the Knife's inconsistent difficulty, which includes several near-impossible missions.

In related news, a re-print of Trauma Center: Under the Knife has begun arriving at retail outlets.

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