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PulseLink's 400 Mbps service over low quality coax lines

Matt Burns

By a show of hands, who has no idea what's going on with your coax lines in your house? We thought so. Multiple splitters and random coaxal lines racing all throughout the house. Just try and get a high-def single to one of those sets way down on the chain. Won't happen. PulseLink has a solution in the works though. They have a system that is based on CWave UWB (ultra-wideband) that can deliver high-def mainstreaming to pretty much any coax line. The system has been certified through hundreds of feet of normal RG-59 coaxial cable and cheapie splitters - like the ones you pick up at the dollar store. This system should allow for easier installations of HDTVs in the future. It's still not ready for mainstream roll out yet but when something changes, we'll let you know.

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