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Sprint-Nextel adds NFL Mobile to normal data subs

Darren Murph

For those anxiously awaiting that beloved kickoff in September, Sprint-Nextel has put together an excellent off-season deal that will save you $5.99/month. For those in the know -- and those still curious about this pigskin obsession -- NFL Mobile has not been bundled in with the Vision and Power Vision data plans in the past. All that changes for the 2006-2007 season as any normal data customer can now access all the functions previously reserved for paying fans. You'll get (almost) up-to-the-second updates of scores, stats, injuries, game-changing alerts, and even video highlights from in-game and post-game content. If you're an NFL fan and aren't tied up in one of those pesky multi-year contracts with some other provider, now would probably be a good time to break off a couple defenders -- like your significant other, for starters -- and take advantage of the signing bonus.

[Via MobileTracker]

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