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Alltel rolls out LG AX490 with Fastap

Chris Ziegler

Ah Fastap, it's been a minute since we heard from you -- glad to see you've stuck around to find your way into a US release. The unique layout, which squeezes a mind-boggling array of keys into an area the size of a traditional keypad in an effort to simplify text entry, has never managed to break into the States -- though it's previously come as close as Canada. Alltel will do the honors here, getting Fastap on its new Bluetooth-enabled LG AX490 clamshell, "designed with the racing enthusiast in mind" featuring NASCAR-themed ringtones, games, and graphics. If texting on a good, old fashioned 38-key keypad and NASCAR are your two passions in life, expect the AX490 to drop for $59.99 after rebate on a two-year contract starting this Thursday.

[Thanks, Peter]

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