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Motorola's "Harmony" project to support iDEN, WiMAX

Chris Ziegler

In a move aimed squarely at Sprint Nextel, Motorola has announced that it's working on solutions capable of supporting iDEN plus WiMAX as a stop-gap 4G solution. The big picture (back end, devices, chipsets) is known as "Harmony," and though the announcement itself is of little interest to most consumers -- especially with iDEN ultimately moving into the government's hands -- this should at least catch Sprint's attention as their hopes and aspirations have lately been wandering from WiMAX toward other 4G initiatives. As PCS Intel points out, with iDEN / CDMA handsets around the corner, it's a pretty short hop from iDEN / WiMAX to the iDEN / WiMAX / CDMA trifecta, leaving Sprint with the total package for supporting CDMA in the consumer sector, high security (read: next-gen) iDEN for government services, and WiMAX for 4G. Of course, Harmony is still a one-trick pony and if Sprint politely declines, it's almost certainly dead in the water. We're pulling for ya, Moto.

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