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Crytek targets PS3 programmers, Crysis port possible


A recent job opening for PS3 programmers, listed on Crytek's website, suggests that the developer's much praised FPS, Crysis, may be headed to PlayStation 3 after all. While Crytek maintains that Crysis is currently a PC exclusive, the game had been listed for PS3 and Xbox 360 during the initial phases of its development.

One of the requirements of the new job listing is "[experience] with next generation cross-platform development," indicating that a Crysis port to PS3 is certainly possible. Of course, Crytek could also be planning a console spinoff, similar to what has been done with the Far Cry franchise, or for that matter, an entirely new title altogether. Whatever the case, if Crytek is only now hunting for programmers, don't expect a PS3 game from the studio for at least another year or two.

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