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Five brand new Wii games at LGC [Update 1]

Jason Wishnov

So, we've already reported that Nintendo would be making a keynote presentation at the Leipzig Games Convention on August 23rd. What we didn't know at the time didn't tell you was that Nintendo will also be showing off five, brand-new games on the show floor. It's unclear whether this signifies entirely new franchises or games that simply weren't playable at E3 (Disaster: Day of Crisis, Fire Emblem, etc.).

The possibilities? A Kid Icarus remake, or a fully-fledged Duck Hunt sequel? How about a bartender simulation game? Oh! Ribbon Dancing Revolution! Well, anyway, what are you hoping for?

(Ubisoft will also be making an appearance, showing off Red Steel and a playable version of Rayman's Raving Rabbids.)

[Update 1: Fixed game title error; a special thanks to vidGuy for the heads up.]

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