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Panasonic Taiwan to stop CRT TV production in 2-3 years

Matt Burns

The flat panel giant, A.K.A. Panasonic, has a bright outlook for the plasma and LCD market. So much so that they are planning on halting CRT production in the Taiwanese market with-in a few years. That market has already soon flat-panel love and Panasonic currently only produces seven flat panels to every three CRTs and as the price of said flat-panels drop, so will the sales of CRTs. Experts expect the shipments of CRTs to decrease by 200,000-300,000 units in '07 alone to this market of small tiny living spaces. Well, who doesn't want a flat panel besides chaps that can't afford 'em. Not many people would turn down purchasing a thin and sexy flat panel if it was the same price as the big 'ol CRT.

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