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Atari CEO: No PS3 games before 2007

Joystiq Staff

In an interview with, Atari CEO Bruno Bonnell confirms that there will not be any Atari PlayStation 3 games before 2007. However, Bonnell assures us that the publisher will be there for the Wii and 360 this year.

Perhaps because Atari is in a bit of financial trouble, Bonnell wants to wait to see if the PS3 will actually be a platform worth developing for. He tells the site:

"It's just that we're lacking information about the PS3 at this stage, because we have basically a rough release date and a high retail price point. As far as the Wii and the Xbox 360 go, we'll be there for this season; for PS3, we'll probably have to wait a little later in the year before we release some new titles."

"I think that by deciding to put the PS3 at this price, Sony has chosen to really differentiate itself from the other consoles.
The fact that you have Blu-ray, and the fact that it's HD compatible -- all this is driving me to think that Sony is picking up the high-end of the market, the hardcore, passionate fans. There will be a time they can reduce the price and access more people, but clearly that's a technical choice that Sony has made to be selective on the field at stage one."

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