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Canon's first consumer HD camcorder - iVIS HV10

Matt Burns

Sony, eat your heart out. You aren't the only kid on the block anymore with a camcorder targeting normal consumers. Canon just released the deets on their first compact high-def camcorder, the iVIS HV10, and it looks like it could be a nice camera. The biggest difference between this new Canon and Sony's whole line-up of HD camcorders happens to be with the resolution of the sensor. You see, the Sony captures in high-def, but it is, well, HD-Lite at a 1440x1080 resolution. This new Canon however packs a HD CMOS with a resolution of 1920x1080 and it's paired with Canon's DIGIC DV II processor, which happens to be the same one powering this guys big brothers, the XH G1 & XH A1. Throw in the 10x optical zoom and an optical image stabilizer, and Canon has a winner on their hands. The iVIS HV10 should be out in Japan sometime in September for 150,000 Yen ($1,300). We haven't seen anything about a US release but we are willing to bet the farm we will see this camcorder over here.

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