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Gamer lexicon that bugs

Blake Snow

VG Resource Center has compiled a list of gamer terms they've got beef with. Are you guilty of using any of the following?

  • Twink: "...used to describe somebody who outfits a new character with top-level items, whether it be through buying items, or transferring them from an old top-level character."
  • Celda: used to describe Zelda: Wind Waker with its cell-shaded graphics.
  • Wii-mote: The combination of the console formerly known as Revolution and remote. Wii + remote = Wii-mote.
  • Kiddie Games: "Back in the old days, kiddie games would mean things like Fisher Price Perfect Fit on the NES. Nowadays, kiddie games describe anything that doesn't have excessive amounts of blood and gore, sexual elements or urban slums, regardless of how complex (let alone, fun) the gameplay may be."
  • Wi-Fi: "Nintendo has wholeheartedly endorsed this travesty of a 'word' by naming their online service the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection."
  • BOOM, HEADSHOT!: frequently yelled into a mic after a headshot during online play.
  • Gaymer: used to describe a homosexual gamer.
  • Ninty: Nickname used to describe Nintendo.
We'd add N00b, frag, and dual-shake, but the last one is just so hip.

[Thanks, FetusMan]

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