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HDBeat Podcast 024 - 08.02.06

Trent Wolbe
Just when we were getting used to the four of us on the Podcast, neither Richard or Erik could make it tonight, which leaves Matt and Ben. We had some great dialog this week. Well, some might call it an argument. Among other topics we discuss HD DVD vs Blu-ray's first picture quality shootout and what effect it might have on the format war. Oh, also, our skypecast will be on August 17th at 8:00 EST. We will be discussing that week's HDBeat Podcast topics and by we, we mean you, the listeners. So download that week's Podcast, read the posts to be ready to participate!

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: Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Format: 54:10, 23 MB, MP3

First HD DVD vs Blu-ray title bout - "Training Day"
How much of an impact is picture quality on the format war?
Check out HD DVD without buying a thing
Sound and Vision Mag's in-depth review of the Samsung BDP-1000
When 1080p isn't the same as 1080i
Best looking HDTV out there - not picture, but rather the bezel
DIRECTV's HD DVR coming out in August?
Direct comparsion screenshots of DIRECTV and DISH Network
LCD 1080p sets with DVR coming soon from LG
LG: No combo Blu-ray and HD DVD player this year
TV Squad: The five best sports to watch on TV - do these hold true when HD is concered?
MyNetworkTV the first all HD broadcast network?


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