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The "Hic-Cup" hiccup-curing gadget


Everyone's got their own "cure" for hiccups (we've found drinking water through a paper towel until you're just about to pass out to be particularly effective) but few have tried to cash in, er, help others with their homebrew remedies. Not so for the creator of the punnily-dubbed Hic-Cup, which promises to instantly stop hiccups, otherwise known as Singultus, for the low, low introductory price of $24.97. The key to the Hic-Cup is apparently the natural "galvanic action" that occurs when you drink water or juice from the cup while the brass rod touches your cheek and temple, which should only be slightly less embarrassing than the hiccups themselves. While supposedly safe and pain-free, the company does warn people not to use it if they have a pacemaker or other electrical implant. If that doesn't deter ya, you can get your orders in now -- or try Grampy Engadget's sure-fire method above. Seriously people, it works!

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