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Breakfast Topic: Damage Meters


If you've ever played in any sort of group, chances are you know about damage meters. In my own playing, I notice rogues especially to be suspect of posting damage meter numbers, asking about damage meter numbers, or downright bragging about damage meter numbers. This becomes more amusing when said rogues forget to use feint because they're in heavy competition with someone else for top damage - and as a healer, yes, I see that you have the highest damage in the group, but why did you need more healing than the main tank?

While some players realize after a death or two that perhaps there are more important things in the game than how high you are on the damage meter, some don't seem to reach the same conclusion - and are always competing with others for the prestigious top spot. So what do you think of the various damage meter addons available for World of Warcraft? Are they really the only thing worth knowing?

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