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DevHook reeled in by Sony?

You like that headline? Love how it plays with the word "hook" and "reel"? Of course you do. What you won't like is news that the incredibly popular DevHook firmware emulator may be gone for good. According to PSP Hacks, the web host of DevHook has received a cease and desist order (translated by 0okm):

"Reboot_1.50.bin is the copyrighted material by SONY, that is mixed with DevHook0.43fix. Warning from SCE to those who up-load DevHook0.43fix comes. Moreover, please annul it at once when downloaded 0.43fix is preserved at hand, and it uses it. Not seeing this knows and there is a possibility to use, too. Please inform me of this when there is an owner in surroundings. Moreover, the main body of DevHook and the relation file of all versions were deleted from this site. As a result, opening DevHook on this site to the public is completely stopped."

This doesn't bode well for the future of DevHook, or homebrew in general, as it appears that Sony is finally starting to enter the legal ring against the hacking community. Stay tuned, as things will get quite interesting: you know the homebrew community isn't going to back down any time soon.

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