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EGGE's egg-shaped digital media player

Darren Murph

Upon initial inspection of this Korean contraption, you could easily find yourself mistaking it for a Tamagotchi, but thankfully this egg-shaped gizmo plays a more productive role. Instead of a few silly pixels wasting your time with unrealistic demands, the EGGE is a low-maintenance digital media player that supports MP3, WMV, MPEG, and AVI formats. Rocking either 512MB or 1GB of capacity, this minuscule device also sports an FM tuner and built-in EQ. Underneath the dome-shaped glass is a 1-inch OLED display that actually supports full motion video (although you may need some type of magnification to reap any enjoyment whatsoever). The internal battery only keeps the in-ear party going for 10 hours, but supposedly plays nice with both OS X and Windows via USB 2.0. The EGGE also packs a nifty flipscreen feature -- when worn from your neck, raising the unit to eye-level yields an upside-down predicament, but with the press of a button, the screen is flipped for your viewing satisfaction. (Sure, an orientation sensor would have made more sense, but where's the fun in that?) While this unit packs some good features into a miniature package, we can't confirm a US hatch date nor market price, but there's always those digital pocket pets, The Egg, the USB Egg, the Tele-Egg, the egg incubator, boiled egg inks, the Pivo, and even other egg audio players to curb your egg-shaped cravings for the time being.

[Via Shiny Shiny]

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