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Enjoying OTA HDTV broadcasts? Not if you live by an airport


In a report that may get more frequent as we move towards all-digital broadcasting, Nashua Telegraph writer Joe Konopka complains about aircraft knocking out his HDTV signal momentarily every night. Sure it was annoying after the nearby airport was built and sound pollution and radio interference affected his ability to get a good night's sleep or listen to the radio. But now that he's purchased a high definition television with a built in OTA tuner, losing picture during a tense moment of 24 is the simply unacceptable. Unfortunately, now that the airport is built he doesn't have much ability to change things and laments not joining forces with an environmentalist friend to get plans changed while the airport was still being built.

Ouch. Any HD Beat readers dealt with a similar issue and have suggestions? (Other than switching to cable or satellite.)

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