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Hyun Won intros VoIP-capable Boxon MP3 player


Hyun Won, the company behind the mobiBLU digital audio players, looks to be expanding beyond its signature label with the new Boxon MP3 player, which spices things up by tossing some VoIP action into the mix. Details of such minor things as storage and price are hard to come by, but it appears that the device'll pack a 1.71-inch OLED screen, and feature e-book capabilities and an English-Korean dictionary in addition to the requisite audio and video functionality. The exact VoIP implementation is also unclear, but it shouldn't be too dissimilar to other VoIP-equipped DAPs from BELCO and Ezmax. Look for it to be released in Korea later this month, but given the ratio of mobiBLU players released overseas to those released in North America, we could be waiting a while before it lands on our shores.

[Via Anything Buy iPod]

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