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Motorola RIZR, MAXX, and KRZR on sale for beaucoup bucks

Ryan Block, @ryan

C'mon, it's just a RIZR, MAXX, and KRZR (pictured not at all in order) -- probably better thought of as Motorola's long-awaited new line of slick looking phones, than as the $1,700, $2,500, and $1,750 bricks of shiny glass and plastic that you'll just toss in six months. Still, it's nice to know that if your bank account registers somewhere in the excess of two grand (or more) you could be among the first with the new worst-kept-secret, but trust us, we've played with 'em. Not worth it, hombre.

[Thanks, Vincent]

Wireless Imports - RIZR, MAXX, KRZR

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